Sunday, 23 July 2017

horniman museum.

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dress | new look
trainers | adidas
sunglasses | similar 
bag | similar 

so if you haven't ever been to the horniman museum in forest hill its worth getting your butt down there for a trip. even if you just go to the grounds for a little sit down and a picnic its worth the trip. you can also pop your head into the museum (its free) and press your face longingly up against the beautiful glass house windows, there is also a tiny zoo and an equally tiny aquarium. 
i feel like i have allot more exploring to do in south london, i think next on my list is crystal palace (a glass house theme going on here?)  
my love for wrap dressed has only continued to grow and this little new look number has become a firm favourite! i have still got a few on my wish list but i have to remind myself that i'm a grown up who has bills to pay rather than dresses to buy! 

photographs by jay khatri and myself

horniman museum 6
horniman museum 2 horniman museum 7

Sunday, 16 July 2017


merci! 2 merci! 4 merci! 5
tee | topshop
skirt | warehouse
boots | similar
sunglasses | similar

it seems my love of a-line skirts has not died yet, in fact it has rekindled itself with me buying two leather versions in two weeks (it was the sales okay...) i like being able to make them look super cas' with a tee and trainers or dressing them up with boots and a 'nice top' (you know) or as i seem to have done here a 'hybrid' of those two looks.

i won't lie the leather/pleather does make you a little warm on a summers day and has been know to make a fart/squeak noise if a move too quickly on a plastic chair but them my life is full of embarrassing moments like that so its all cool...

i'm not normally one for a colour clash but i thought a cheeky bit of pink and red wasn't too bold a statement to make (doing well on my being more confident dressing resolution there..) but i guess a bright pink leather skirt is a statement in itself? 

photographs by jay khatri
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Sunday, 25 June 2017

lavender dreams.

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i think these photographs illustrate perfectly how happy i was to be prancing about a field of flowers for a few hours. i think there is something good for the soul (maybe just mine?) about going out looking at beautiful things and taking photographs you just love? creative indulgence perhaps?

a thirty minute bus ride from west croydon (the bus stops right outside the farm) is mayfield lavender farm. i suggest going earlier in the day rather than later as we left around two thirty and there were twice as people people there as when we arrived. a lavender bunch was obviously purchased for a photo prop but is now making my flat smell petty delightful! once you've frolicked to your hearts content they have a pretty impressive selection in their cafe (a few GF treats were there too to keep my hanger at bay). basically i highly recommend if you after after a dreamy day out just outside of old london town.  

just a note to say this is one of my favourite posts i have shot for a while and it feels good to be enjoying blogging again. 

photographs by katie tang
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Sunday, 18 June 2017

palmin' around.

palm 3 palm 1
top | zara
jeans | topshop
shoes | adidas

i think its pretty fair to say that palm print is having a 'moment', as i obviously needed to add to my white embroidered top collection (read, i really didn't) this guy came home to live with me after falling head over heels in my local zara (i've even mentioned it in a previous blog post). 
one thing though, it does crease like a bitch, cue me swiftly trying to get them out with the straighteners whilst attempting to leave the house on time.

it feels a little trivial to be talking about these kinds of things after the last months events in london and quite frankly all over the globe. i live and work very close to the tragic fire that took so many lives this week and seeing how the community has pulled together in a time of need has lighted my heavy heart a little. if you want to help in anyway, all information is here

photographs by jay khatri

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

stars in their eyes.

stars in your eyes 4 stars in your eyes 1 stars in your eyes 6

jacket | primark similar 
dress | dancing leopard 
bag | zara
shoes | adidas 
sunglasses | missguided similar 

i've been obsessed with stars for as long as i can remember, which means i own allot of star print clothing (which somehow has never made it onto the blog?!) a large amount of my jewellery is astrological based, i even use starts as my bullet point shape of choice.

this little number combines my fave print and my fave dress shape, i'm really loving how wrap dresses are making waves at the moment. they are so flattering and for someone who suffers with bloating issues they got me covered even on bad days, so i've been snapping up a few of those guys! 

another style rule i've been living by is khaki jacket and white trainers with everything, i mean i've got a problem. it makes me feel that 'cool girl' vibe, that i most definitely do not possess but give it a good go try (and normally fail) top tip on the trainers if you are a UK 5.5 or smaller you can buy the junior versions of these as they around the fifty pound mark rather then seventy or eighty! thrifty liv always looking out for you guys!
photographs by jay khatristars in your eyes 2 stars in your eyes 3 stars in your eyes 5

Monday, 29 May 2017

birthday exploring.

norfolk 19 norfolk 12 norfolk 14 norfolk 23 norfolk 16 norfolk 13 norfolk 1

i might have mentioned it once, times but i was my birthday the other week, so to celebrate jay and i hopped in the car and booked an airbnb (i make this sound spontaneous, it was not. i like to plan) 

we stayed just outside cromer is a v cute village called overstand, we stayed in mim's sherpards hut, it was really pretty and cosy! you can walk to the beach 

my gluten free prayers were answered in cromer, so many choices!
i highly recommend a trip to shelleys pie and mash shop if you're in the area, plus there was a sausage dog puppy sit at the table next to us. if thats not a seller then i don't know what is. 
we also stopped off at no1 cromer as it would be rude not to have chips at the seaside, all their chips and a selection of fish are GF. the sister shop ice cromer is also v good, salted caramel scoops of dreams. 

on our drive up we stopped off at foxley woods in hopes of finding bluebells, we were too late but its a lovely wood for a walk. 
we spent most of saturday walking on overstand and cromers beaches, on the look out for beach huts and other 'gramable things. 
on our drive home we stopped off at our favourite place, thetford forest. lines of neatly planted trees, ferns all over the shops and those gorgeous yellow flowers that always seem to be in woods.  

another jam packed birthday, i wouldn't have it any other way!

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