Sunday, 12 November 2017

china town.

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there are few things i like doing more than aimlessly walking round london, if i'm not exploring with jay i like to pop on a podcast and see where my feet take me. 
our recent trip was to china town, somewhere i haven't spent much time during my life as a londoner, two seconds from leicester square's bustling streets you follow the red lanterns and find yourself in, well just as busy streets! 
like fools we had eaten before we arrived the all the restaurants and bakeries smell incred!
we popped in and out of a few shops and supermarkets being drawn in by green tea and crazy looking snacks (i was v restrained, mainly because i have to translate all the ingredients to check if i can eat them) but its just a great place to have a little walk, get some pictures and maybe give into something deep fried and covered in sugar!

photographs by jay khatri 
china town 2

Sunday, 22 October 2017

botanical beauty.

botanical beauty
now i have reached the grand old age of twenty four (i know you're all thinking, but liv you look like you did your GCSE's last week) i'm thinking about keeping my baby face, well a baby face with some help from a little anti ageing products. 
clearly my pals at botanics were thinking i'm getting on a bit two as they have sent me a few products that fight the first sings of ageing (those sneaky eye wrinkles creep up on you let me tell you) they come in at under a tenner each which isn't too shabby if you ask me
if any of the products catch your eye i have a little discount for you, use BOTANICS25 at the checkout and watch the discount roll in...or just appear on your total...whatever way you want to look at it pals...
botanical beauty
recently i have found getting up a bit of a bitch, i blame the change in weather (a classic excuse my friends) and have noticed is mainly taken its toll on my ol' eye balls (and the rest of that area) where are i look like i have tiny shrimps for eyes until they have decided its time from them to wake up. this little roll on beauty is delightfully cool and refreshing on my tired eyes and helps them give them the metaphorical 'kick up the bum' that they need in the morning. 
botanical beauty
one thing i do like in my beauty regime is a face scrub, there is nothing quite like getting that london grime off your face, or whatever city you live in. t
his once weekly scrub basically takes off how much you've aged in a week (last week it felt like ten years of ageing, nothing like feeling like a grandma) and makes you all shiny and new, or in my case, v shiny (its a special look/skill) 
the scrub has extract of the ginkgo plant it will have you looking your usual baby faced self in no time, so nine ninety nine well spent eh!

the post is collaboration with botanics but all anti ageing fighting enthusiasm is my own

Sunday, 8 October 2017

smooth transitions.

shein wrap top 2 shein wrap top 5 shein wrap top 1
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necklace | orelia
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there a few things that make you feel sassier than a larger than average sleeve. fact.
this little number combines my two favourite things at the moment, wrap (anything) and sleevage (technical term my friends) i'm not quite sure how i got so late onto the wrap top game considering i regularly announce my undying love for wrap dresses on the reg round here? 
combine this with my 'must never leave my body jeans' and a little autumnal coloured pair of shoes (that aren't trainers or boots, madness i hear you cry!) i did also have a jacket out of sight as i'm a nana who will carry a coat even in 30 degrees because 'what if'
i feel like i have this trans-seasonal dressing ddowwwnnn (or as much as i get any kind of dressing down...)
photographs by jay khatri 
shein wrap top 4 shein wrap top 3

Sunday, 1 October 2017

the plant one.

oh hi pals!
guess whos back with a skin care related post, yes you would be correct it is indeed liv newman your local slight skin care novice but gives it a good old go gal!
the beauties at botanics have asked me to team up with them as one of their #theplanttone ambassadors to share their plant based goodness products with you, so lets get started...
oh but first i have a little discount code should my great beauty reviewing skills make you want to try some of these little numbers so head on over to their website and enter BOTANICS25 at the checkout for a little something something off (basically treat yo self)
as sufferer of skin that easily gets dehydrated this guy is right up my street, its great for giving you a little glow when you pop in on in the mornings. plus it has SPF 15 which is v useful if you are naughty and forget to restock your SPF  like me (must go and by that...)

if  you prefer a more nourishing formula over a glowly kinda vibe then i v recommend giving this a whirl, its great to know that everything organic and that extract of rosehip with keep you hydrated all day loonnggg
living in london my face gets exposed to lots of pollution, dirt ect on a daily basis so i was v pleased this scrub cleans out all the rubbish but also leaves you glowy like its day cream buddy. the packaging also looks super pretty in my bathroom (now i live with two boys gotta get that millennial pink in where i can)

ah rosewater, my first skincare love. this spritz is great as all other rosewater products i have used i had to put on a cotton pad (which i feel like i need to buy shares in?!)is there something that eats them in the night..) so you can just spray a little on (or allot, whatever floats your boat) before carrying on with the rest of your routine. 

the post is collaboration with botanics but all skin brightening goodness lovin' is my own

Sunday, 17 September 2017

tokyo travels.

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ah tokyo, never did i expect to love a city as much as i did you.
as ever this is more of a photo diary that a big long post as you know thats my sweet sweet style.
i do have a few recommendations up my sleeve;

kaikaya by the Sea
the best place i ate at the whole week (so much so i ate there twice), they have two parts to restaurant one cosy and loud and the other a bit more chilled out. fun fact alfie allen walked in when we were eating, i tried to act cool (v unnatural for me but i think i pulled it off)

cycling in kamakura
if you have a spare few hours you can hire bikes and cycle to the temples round kamakura, the bamboo temple and the small quiet garden temple are super beautiful! you don't have to be the best cyclist (i am not) but there are a few hills that your thighs should be prepared for

karaoke and arcade games
both things are readily available anywhere in tokyo and also v v fun, i was much better at one than the other (i'll let you guess on where my skill sets are...)

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

postcards from norfolk.

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i mentioned in my last post the i recently spent a week in north norfolk hanging out with family and eating too much. we stayed at rectory hill barns, they currently only offer camping as the barns are currently occupied but if camping is your thing its a lovely place to stay. 
i wanted to share a couple of my favourite places and some new ones we discovered this trip as 

eating and drinking
i feel like you need to watch 'normal for norfolk' before you visit wiveton hall to fully appreciate where you are visiting. if you don't want to dedicate yourself to watching a series i still recommend a visit. the food is served on a mish mash of emma bridgewater crockery with brightly coloured table cloths and lovely staff. it is usually busy so its worth booking, if the weather is good and you have a little wait you can get lost in the maise maze to build up your appetite. 

i don't drink coffee but everyone i was with confirmed it was the best coffee they had had for a long time, i can say they do a great peppermint tea. we didn't have snacks but i was eyeing up strangers tables and theirs looked pretty delish! 

a great veggie restaurant that i have visited a few times before and is a firm family favourite for its delisious but comforting food, they also don't skimp on the portions! 

this is another busy one, they do operate on a first come first serve basis with food but when you are waiting you can sit in the garden with a drink and look out over the marshes and sea which is no bad way to wait for a table. 

i will admit i've never actually been on the albertros i've sat opposite it eating chips many times, plus i love the idea of eating on a boat that is covered in fairy lights!

i've already talked about holkham hall in my last post but its worth a mention in the round up as its a gorgeous house to visit, holkham beach is another fave (i used to bring my pony here with my mum when i was little a gallop down the beach, best thing ever

branded as norfolks 'loveliest village' or chelsea next to the sea its a lovely place to send a morning or an afternoon, i do think that there are some just as lovely places in north norfolk but if you're in the area its worth a wander round and visit some of the shops. people seem to have really cute dogs there, so great for dog bingo!

i love wells beach, i think it may be one of my favourites in norfolk (its a hard decision to make) but you can walk to the beach with its array of pretty beach huts, walk through the woods if you fancy a change of scenery, go crabbing in the harbour or just walk through the winding streets of the town. the albertros i mentioned earlier is located in the harbour there so you can swing by for a drink after a long day of shenanigans at the beach. 

photographs by jay khatri and myself
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